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Textured Carpet

The uneven yet durable twists of textured carpet fibers help conceal wear over time making this an ideal choice for your active household.

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Textured Carpet

Textured Carpet in Living Room

What Is Textured Carpet?

Are you looking for a comfortable carpet with a casual look that also conceals the constant tread of little feet running in and out? Textured carpeting does just that for your living rooms, bedrooms, and other informal spaces, offering more surface texture than plush carpets. 

You might be wondering how textured carpet ends up trackless and footprint-free? It features individual strands of yarn that are swirled and twisted together. Usually, these are made from synthetic fibers that are then heat treated with steam to give them a slight curl. These kinks don't reflect light as much as straight fibers do, so you don't see footprints and other tracks as easily.


The look of textured carpeting is influenced by the fiber pattern and colors you choose. Geometric shapes, lattices, and repeating grids are common designs sculpted into textured carpet and used to dress up a home office or sophisticated bedroom. You can even opt for carpet tile texture, which provides another layer of visual dimension. 

Don't be afraid to introduce color with your textured carpet. Maybe you opt for a gray carpet texture in the family room, where the uneven fiber height adds a shadowy effect and a moody, dramatic ambience.

Durability and Maintenance

If durability is a high priority for the flooring in your home, textured carpet is a worthwhile consideration. The uneven twists of textured carpet fibers help conceal wear over time, making it an ideal choice for your active household. Choose a highly resilient synthetic fiber like nylon and you’ll increase the overall durability of your pattern carpet texture. 

How you choose to maintain your carpet contributes to its overall durability and longevity. Like all carpets, textured carpeting benefits from weekly vacuuming. Using a quality vacuum with powerful suction can ensure you're removing all the dirt, pet dander, and allergens from deep within the twisted fibers. 

Choosing a naturally or chemically treated stain-resistant fiber will make cleaning easier and more productive. Always check your manufacturer label to determine the care instructions specific to your carpet. 


With textured carpet, you won’t have to worry about replacing your floors for quite a while. The actual longevity of your home's carpet will depend on:

  • Routine maintenance
  • Your family's traffic patterns
  • The fiber you choose

For optimal carpet texture, seamless installation is important, which is why it’s always smart to work with experienced professionals. 


Whether you're adding textured carpet for bedrooms, family rooms, or offices, the installation process is the same. Though it's fairly straightforward, it also requires a great deal of strength, patience, and the right tools. Our experienced professionals are here to help and will ensure a quality installation for your new textured carpet.

Pros and Cons of Textured Carpet

Many homeowners are swayed by the benefits of textured carpet, particularly for their busy areas like family rooms, offices, and finished basements. 

  • The uneven carpet strands usually hide footprints and make indentations from heavy objects less noticeable. No worrying about your couch leaving a mark on the carpet when rearranging furniture.
  • You have an endless array of pattern and color options available to compliment your design style, whether modern or traditional. 
  • Add a layer of dimension or a statement to a room.

When it comes to the cons of textured carpet, there are few. 

  • Lower quality textured material is more likely to snag, which is not easy to repair. 
  • Any chemical treatment your textured carpet undergoes before installation could impact those with allergies, but if left untreated, it may be less fire resistant. 
  • Not very soft

Fortunately, our flooring professionals will ensure that your textured carpet style is right for your lifestyle prior to installation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does textured carpet wear well?

Yes! Textured carpet does a great job of handling the everyday foot traffic that your home sees. This does partially depend on the type of carpet fiber that's used. Durable synthetics like nylon work well in combination with the uneven modern carpet texture. This helps it wear slowly over time, which is why you’ll often find textured nylon carpets in family-friendly homes. 

What's the difference between textured and plush carpet?

The difference between plush and textured carpet is due to how they are made. Textured carpets aren't very soft due to the way cut fibers are uneven in both height and angle, but they look beautiful and perform well in living rooms, bedrooms, and other informal spaces. Plush carpets are also cut fibers, but they have a flat, even surface that's better suited for lower traffic areas like formal living rooms and bedrooms.  

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